Blood Will Run In The Streets

Vampires are real?

Freddy and Matt wake up to a world turned into the danse macabre. They are then pushed and pulled into situation after situation until they don’t know who to trust or where to turn. After discovering two bodies and they’re “lovely smells” they realized that things are not okay at ClubMed. Moving through the streets looking for help and clues about what’s happened leads them the offices of the Securitas Corporation. Seeing David dead startled them. While trying to help the guard, they realized there was something else going on in the town. Freddy sees a familiar face and reaches out for information and help only to gain the bare minimum and be setup for conflict with the other two potential neonates. Freddy dominates one into conflict with the other and escapes only to return and find the other in the door way looking for pay back. The biker manages to knock Freddy unconscious, luckily Matt steps in and convinces the vampire that he knows the score and can help guide him to success as well. After a short bike ride the group is introduced to the Baron and then rest of the local Kindred.

The Waking Nightmare

Waking up a in dark cellar is better than waking up in a bathtub full of ice missing your kidney, or is it?


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